11 Italian Phrases to Live By

ildolcefarniente The sweetness of doing nothing.


A good day starts in the morning.


You are the light of my eyes.


The love that moves the sun and other stars.

5265803378_580511ac9f_zI will love you forever. plus a day.

sogni No stepping on dreams.

A dinner without wine is like a day without sun.


The beautiful life.

viaggioThe departure is nothing else than the beginning of the homecoming.


One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not ate well.


If you want to see a rainbow, you must learn how to love the rain.

One thought on “11 Italian Phrases to Live By

  1. Dianne Bailey

    Hi Lehshel! I hope you received my emails to you about working with us. July 7th or little flexible thru October, 2015. Some flexibility if you need, Jim Garite is already in office with us working:)
    Please email me as so as you can so I know we are connecting. Love Blog! Fabulous!

    D. Bailey


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