How I Fell in Love with Wine

When talking about wine, whether it be at a table of strangers or a group of new friends, the question always seems to come up, “how did you become interested in wine?” I think every sommelier, wine professional, or wine enthusiast has influential moments or ¬†perhaps, bottles of wine, in their life that they can attribute to their passion for wine.

In truth, the answer may not always be as romantic as one would hope. Some people grow up in a wine-producing region. Many pursue a career in wine as a result of years in the restaurant industry. I like to believe that regardless of how you got into wine, every wine lover has at least a few nostalgic stories about their experiences with wine.

My love for wine did not start when I was a young girl helping my dad in the winery or as a young adult tasting expensive wines from my parents’ cellar. I really didn’t have any memorable experiences with wine growing up. Part of me wonders if I had those experiences, if I would still want anything to do with wine.

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